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OUR day of infamy..........

The moments that define us. As a people. As a nation. What a blessing to see our country unite for the protection of our rights and freedoms. Yet, a tragedy to see it spawned from the loss of so many thousands of American lives. Mothers... Fathers.... Sisters... Brothers... This loss is, immeasurable.
Can peace, love and understanding NOT find their way to the hearts of all? Is it only human nature to inflict self-destruction? How can this all come to a hault? Where is our wake-up call to peace? How can we ever hope to achieve true tolerance?
God? Is that the answer? Of so may different faiths inhabiting the earth, the question of the form of God is the source of ALL the hatred and intolerance. But, what we ALL must remember is this:
Once the fundamental ideals of "god" are broken down, no matter what your faith is, you are left with only one concept: God is the potential for love and acceptace in the hearts and souls of all people.

Bring rest to our fallen Americans.

Bring swift vengeance to our enemies.
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